“Psychology is the study, evaluation and application of the science of the mind
to promote understanding and alleviate distress in all areas of life”

  • Clinical and Counselling psychologists work with people and organisations in a variety of settings from severe and enduring mental health services to those whom life has challenged, in any way, and who may be struggling to adapt to these challenges. The focus is on working with an individually tailored psychological formulation of difficulties to improve psychological functioning and well-being.
  • They formulate problems and difficulties in psychological terms, and drawing creatively on a wealth of psychological theory and techniques, support the finding of ways forward.
  • Clinical and Counselling psychologists work directly with complex problems involving individuals, couples, families, groups and service systems.
  • Consultancy and training can be provided to carers and health-care professionals in order to maximise the use of their psychological skills.
  • At Pat Frankish Psychology and Psychotherapy Consultancy Limited we specialise in providing Psychotherapy for people with disabilities.